Intelligence Gathering

KaffeNews has been known for gathering concrete intelligence. In the past few years, our focus has gotten rooted into Intelligence & Security.


Analysis & Defense

KaffeNews has always shared the analysis of effective defense. This has been done over several articles that we have published.


Intelligence Conception

KaffeNews has mastered in conceptualizing the available data. This makes analysis of gathered intelligence easy.

What We Do


DigitOnto LLC is a growing small business firm that aims to achieve a complete integration of intelligence analysis and secure defense. KaffeNews is a threat information portal of DigitOnto.


Threat Monitoring


DigitOnto LLC has been focusing on acquiring, aggregating, enumerating and utilizing gathered intelligence in providing the best defense. KaffeNews has been focusing on threat monitoring.


Granular Analysis


Persistent Threats:
Analysis of Targeted Attacks

KaffeNews can do it for you!

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) has been well known for over decades in Government agencies across the world.
Recently, APTs has reached the corporations and is targeting the Government contracting firms and contractors themselves.


Our Services

Webpage/file content acquisition with
Unmask Content Portal.

HASH search across repositories with
Unmask HASH Portal.

Server response code acquisition with
Unmask Code Portal.
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