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DigitOnto LLC was initially created for contracting and consulting in the field of Information Security. DigitOnto is a creation from the makers of Analytics group, EvilFingers and other well-known community portals that has been used for research and analysis since 2006. DigitOnto's interests has been expanding since its creation, starting with InfoSec into various other specialties such as Cloud computing, consulting, contracting, training, placement, branding and secure web presence.

Headquartered at Herndon VA, DigitOnto LLC was registered in 2010 as a limited liability company for ensuring continued research and analysis work on Open Source INTelligence (OSINT), providing the community with valuable resources of products and services and at the same time to maintain balance between community and corporate world.

In summary, DigitOnto LLC is an information security firm with a focus on intelligence and security, contracting and consulting, research and analysis of threat intelligence, risk analysis and defense against threats with strategic solutions.

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Persistent Threats:
Analysis of Targeted Attacks

KaffeNews can do it for you!

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) has been well known for over decades in Government agencies across the world.
Recently, APTs has reached the corporations and is targeting the Government contracting firms and contractors themselves.


Our Services

Webpage/file content acquisition with
Unmask Content Portal.

HASH search across repositories with
Unmask HASH Portal.

Server response code acquisition with
Unmask Code Portal.
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