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Anushree is the Chief Executive Officer at Orcelo, Inc. and a senior software engineer with a passion to integrate security and software development in order to ensure that information security does get used like an added blanket, but is the root of any given architecture. She has been a software developer for well-known enterprises such as 3M and AOL. She holds Master of Science in Computer Science majoring in Information Security from the George Washington University.

Shyaam Sundhar is the Chief Executive Officer and President at DigitOnto LLC and Chief Technology Officer at Orcelo, Inc. Shyaam have been working on setting up several web portals and projects for strengthening the support for the information security community since early 2006. Shyaam holds Master of Science degree in Information Security from the George Washington University, Masters Certificate in Computer Security at Information Assurance from the George Washington University, Graduate Certificate in Computer Security from the Stanford University and currently pursuing Masters in Arts in Intelligence Studies focusing on Intelligence Analysis.

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Persistent Threats:
Analysis of Targeted Attacks

KaffeNews can do it for you!

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) has been well known for over decades in Government agencies across the world.
Recently, APTs has reached the corporations and is targeting the Government contracting firms and contractors themselves.


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Webpage/file content acquisition with
Unmask Content Portal.

HASH search across repositories with
Unmask HASH Portal.

Server response code acquisition with
Unmask Code Portal.
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