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EvilFingers community started in 2006 as a web-portal for sharing tools, port repository, PCAP repository and various other projects. KaffeNews was initially an internal blog for EvilFingers community. After all the responses we have heard from our users and readers of EvilFingers and KaffeNews, we have registered a firm to not only share our wealth for free, but also to provide them as products and services. The primary reason was to ensure seamless flow of resources required for continued research and analysis with the available Open Source INTelligence (OSINT), SIGnal INTelligence (SIGINT), HUMan INTelligence (HUMINT) and other forms of intelligence that we already do in our free time.

Commercializing products & services has its own benefits and drawbacks. The primary drawback that any community would observe is that commercial products and services would start costing money, as opposed to being free. There are always exceptional cases like Sourcefire, Rapid7, iDefense, Foundstone and others who still provide their free products for free and the extended version, plugin extension and services for money. The primary advantage of commercializing products and services is that it helps in the flow of money that is required for investing in research and analysis. Without research and analysis of any gathered data or compiled intelligence, the data becomes yet another piece of invalid information. DigitOnto LLC has its focus on enhancing research in every angle and we have created our divisions in such a way that we would go granular in each domain, no matter how wide spread our focus is.

In summary, KaffeNews is the intelligence & security blogging and data collection portal that helps in research and analysis of threat intelligence, risk analysis and mitigation of threats with effective defense strategies.

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Persistent Threats:
Analysis of Targeted Attacks

KaffeNews can do it for you!

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) has been well known for over decades in Government agencies across the world.
Recently, APTs has reached the corporations and is targeting the Government contracting firms and contractors themselves.


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