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DigitOnto LLC. is a small-business firm located at Herndon, VA. Registered in 2010, DigitOnto has been spreading its wings into a multitude of different product and service divisions. Equicloud, BioPent and few others to list so far has been created to focus on the different technologies in and around information technology. KaffeNews is the intelligence & security blogging and threat aggregation division of DigitOnto LLC.


Threat Landscape

KaffeNews has proven its capabilities in defining and characterizing threat landscape. Although, the most general information on threat landscape and mitigation are shared and presented over several blogs and websites, the difference is in the services that DigitOnto LLC offers to its clients.


Network Monitoring

KaffeNews would not only monitor for localized threats, but would maintain a global knowledge obtained from Open Source INTelligence (OSINT) and other sources. This would then be aggregated and processed to focus on threats specific to your business.


Real-time Intelligence

KaffeNews has collected and aggregated intelligence that could provide not just generic information, but the global knowledge on how any specific threat would affect your business and the different counter-or-preventive measures or defense-in-depth to implement, to mitigate the threat.


Data Analytics

KaffeNews has the capability to compile all known threats customized to environments or businesses, derive analytics on unknown threats, calculate risk and mitigate disasters with a proper business continuity and/or disaster recovery plan.

More Information

DigitOnto LLC has a wider range of focus in information security, intelligence, networking, hiring the right candidates for the job and more. Due to the diversity in the interests of DigitOnto, we have branched out each division in under its own roof. KaffeNews is our threat intelligence and aggregation division of DigitOnto LLC. Each of the divisions (KaffeNews, EquiCloud, BioPent, and others) would then compile the data that might overlap or can be used by other divisions of business and route them the way that would make all collected data usable.
There is no such thing as stupid question. So, if you have any questions on products or services, divisions or on our business structure itself, please feel free to contact us using the form or email listed in the “Contact Us” page.

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Shyaam Sundhar
CEO/President at DigitOnto LLC.

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Webpage/file content acquisition with
Unmask Content Portal.

HASH search across repositories with
Unmask HASH Portal.

Server response code acquisition with
Unmask Code Portal.
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